Including excavation, leveling and grading using lazer levels.


Typically 8” wide by 24” deep with two grade 40 3/8” rebar top and bottom with 3/8” rebar at 2’ on center vertically tied into the slab.  Footings are designed based on the requirements of the project and typically utilize 3500 psi concrete.


Typically 4” with 3/8” grade 40 rebar at 2’ on center each way tied into footing rebar.  Thickness and reinforcing vary depending on project requirements.  Slabs typically use 4000 psi concrete.  Exterior slabs will use air entrained concrete with a broom finish and are sloped to drain.  Interior slabs are smooth finished and can be sloped to drain if required but typically finished flat using vibratory screeds, power trowels, to create a consistent smooth finish.

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